About Trainers

About Trainers

Dale Carnegie was the master of training. He set extremely high standards for his trainers that still hold up today, more than 100 years later, and they remain true to his original ideas.


Dale Carnegie Training teaches the art of public speaking and human relationship skills, but the training goes beyond just using superficial techniques. In our training, you will learn and reconsider the way you think, the way you feel and the way you are as a person. Additionally, at Dale Carnegie Training, the trainer never forces the participants to do anything. The trainer only provides direction, specific instructions, assistance, and advice. The trainer respects the participants’ voluntary will to grow as a person and maximize their unique potential.

Globally recognized trainer quality

  • All Dale Carnegie Trainers are ISO-9001 Certified
  • To Certify Requires 250 Hours of Training
  • Annual Trainer Re-Certification Required
  • Visiting International Master Trainers Maintain Global Standards
  • Our Trainers Are All Business Professionals
  • Trainers Assessed Against Global TQI Scores
  • Delivery in Japanese or English

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