Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills

Being a leader is not just a job title. A true leader is someone that can set goals, inspire others and guide an organization to sustainable success. And everyone has the potential to develop such leadership skills.


If you are in the mid-career and age range of a project team, do you think you should just complete your assigned tasks? It is important to complete work based on instructions, but you are only fulfilling your minimum duty. You could seize the opportunity to lead your juniors, coworker and even superiors by offering suggestions and working collaboratively towards a set goal. By taking such actions, you will demonstrate leadership regardless of your position or title. In today's business environment, managers who only manage are no longer able to take the lead in the organization. At Dale Carnegie, we aim to help you acquire the skills that are essential for true leadership and to maximize your leadership potential.

Getting the most out of leadership

Today, every manager is expected to not only be an effective leader, but an active coach and mentor. Most people are good at either leading or managing, yet it is becoming more and more important to be able to do both. It is essential to find the balance between what you do yourself and what others do for you. How can you identify and utilize the leadership style that will bring the best results for you and your organization? At Dale Carnegie Training, we will consider the skills and beliefs we have gained based on our past leadership experiences. We will also identify the five drivers of success. Additionally, we will review our roles and responsibilities as leaders and the impact our leadership approach has in forming our work environment.

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Leader's Guide to Innovation

Demonstrating leadership provides a valuable opportunity to influence the attitudes and behaviors of our colleagues. The extent to which we can influence the attitudes and behaviours of others depends on our approach. If we choose a positive approach, we are more likely to bring about positive results.

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