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Time Management

How to increase the value of your time asset


Try answering the following questions.
・Are you on a deadline?
・Do you wish your day had more than 24 hours?
・Do you often bring work home against your will these days?
・Do you often work later than before?
・Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of work?
・Are you feeling stressed and tired at the end of the day?
・Are you hesitant to ask for help from those around you?
If you answered "yes" to one or more of the above questions, you probably want to make improvements in your way of working and living.

Course Dates

Course Details

Time is a common asset given to everyone. We receive numerous voices expressing the desire to understand the value of this asset called time and to change their ways of working and living in alignment with their envisioned goals. This is a good time to develop a vision, set goals, and think about how to use your valuable time to achieve them. You will also learn effective Dale Carnegie principles for improving relationships and coping with stress that will help you value the time you spend moving toward what is important to you. This course will provide you with a variety of insights and commitments to put into practice through individual work and discussion.

Training Objectives

・Diagnose how you use your time and reduce wasted time
・Know your priorities and rank them
・Learn project planning and coordination techniques
・Set fast, targeted and realistic goals
・Maintain focus and concentration when switching between tasks
・Break down complex tasks into achievable steps
・Multitask smartly, effectively, and successfully
・Learn Dale Carnegie's principles of human relations and principles of stress management and discuss their application to time management.

How it will help you

・Minimize the risk of failure due to multitasking work.
・Know how to stay focused when switching from one task to another.
・Prioritize projects and tasks easily and quickly.
・Stop procrastinating tasks by working in parallel.
・Plan and coordinate multiple projects for greater results.
・Effectively handle conflicting requests within the bounds of time and interest.
・Build and maintain the focus needed to complete a project.
・Learn about Dale Carnegie’s Human Relationship Principles and Stress Management Principles.
・Create a rich time by reducing stress and dissatisfaction.
・Commit to change to achieve your vision

Suitable for

Those who want to review the value of time as an asset and increase their effective time. Those who are interested in work-style reform, life-style reform, and well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

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