• Dale Carnegie celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2023

Dale Carnegie celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2023

Dale Carnegie: 60 Years Young In Japan

Sixty years is an important milestone in Japan.  The Chinese zodiac has 12 animals represented and they rotate each year and five cycles creates 60 years.  People turning 60 years of age was a rarity in the period up to the postwar era, so it was considered a major achievement and was celebrated as such.

When Dale Carnegie started his company in 1912, there were a number of powerful American companies listed in the New York stock exchange, but today none are left.  Having longevity in life and in business are both difficult to achieve.

On January 8th, 1963 the first class for Dale Carnegie Training was run in Tokyo.  What a lot of people don’t realise is that Dale Carnegie Training is the longest running corporate training company in Japan.  This is not just the longest running foreign corporate training company, but the longest running of all training companies, both foreign and Japanese.

That is a mighty achievement and there is only one reason for this longevity in business.  What Dale Carnegie teaches is not bound by national boundaries, language or time.  The ideas are universal and timeless.  They work in every country around the world and they will keep on working forever, because each generation has to re-learn the wisdom of how to get on with each other.  Dale Carnegie Training is at the pinnacle of teaching people how to really get on well with others.

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