• Policy for attending group training after May 8, 2023

Policy for attending group training after May 8, 2023

From May 8, 2023, the position of the new coronavirus under the Infectious Diseases Law has shifted to the same "5 category" as seasonal influenza.


In accordance with this change, D. C. TRAINING JAPAN K. K. will make the following changes to its attendance policy to ensure continued safe participation in group training sessions.


  • Wearing a mask in the training room is an individual decision and is optional.
  • If you have any strong symptoms such as shortness of breath (dyspnea), strong fatigue (fatigue), high fever, etc., please refrain from attending.
  • Please cooperate in disinfecting with the alcohol disinfectant installed in the facility and washing your hands with soap.
  • Also, please cooperate with "cough etiquette" when coughing or sneezing. Please refer to the page of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare for "cough etiquette".
  • Please continue to ensure ventilation, which is an effective countermeasure against infectious diseases.


Since 2019, we have been conducting LIVE On Line training which has been very effective and well received because of the way in which we deliver the training. We continue to provide a wide range of training content through both LIVE On Line and Face To Face, so please feel free to contact us.


We greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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